Seminar on Erik Gustaf Geijer at Uppsala University 15 March 2018

Erik Gustaf Geijer – a curious mind in a time of change

On 15 March 2018 a seminar was held at Uppsala University, on Erik Gustaf Geijer texts and the new translation.

Erik Gustaf Geijer (1783-1847) was a leading thinker and scholar of 19th century Sweden, active as historian, politician, public debater, composer and writer of lyrics and songs. From Värmland, he became one of Uppsala’s most renowned professors, and his presence is still obvious as portrayed in the grand statue outside the Main Building.

Celebrated long after his death in 1847 Geijer has today a less prominent role in the Swedish consciousness. Internationally he is more or less unknown, the lack of translations one reason.

Geijer affisch mars 2018

Reading Erik Gustaf Geijer today, what stands out is the profound knowledge and wide experience he had in many scholarly fields. Geijer is well worth reading and discussing today! The big moral and political questions are still with us, and his vision vibrant.

Through the translation of some of Geijer’s main texts he becomes more accessible to a wider readership. The volume Freedom in Sweden – Selected works of Erik Gustaf Geijer was published in 2017 by Timbro Förlag.

The seminar treated major themes in Erik Gustaf Geijer’s work and explored his relevance in his time and ours.

Presentations were given by:

Björn Hasselgren, PhD, Uppsala University
Introduction to the translation project and to Erik Gustaf Geijer Presentation here

Prof Lars Magnusson, Uppsala University
Erik Gustaf Geijer – historian, politician and economist

Prof Daniel B Klein, George Mason University and Ratio Institute
Erik Gustaf Geijer as Moral Philosopher Presentation here

Gunnar Petri, LL.D. from Uppsala University, f. State Secretary and CEO of STIM
Geijer and Järta – two of a similar mind in 1820s Uppsala

Presentations were held in Swedish and English.


Björn Hasselgren, Lars Magnusson, Daniel B Klein and Gunnar Petri during the final discussion.

A video from the seminar is available here: Seminar at Facebook

The seminar was kindly sponsored by the Economic History Department at Uppsala University. Timbro Förlag participated offering the Geijer-volume at special price.


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